At UR we work together to overcome our fears, to find our freedom, to become the best versions of ourselves. With us, there’s no mountain too high to climb, no fear too big to conquer. We strive to empower and strengthen our body and mind, creating the best version of ourselves. 

Set your goal. Find your rhythm, put your foot to the pedal and ride united. 



UR is fast paced cardio workout incorporating dance inspired movements, creating a party on the pedals. The classes blend traditional spin with upper body and core training for the ultimate workout. 

Our studio is comprised of 42 bikes and an unbeatable sound system, giving you the drive you need to reach your goals and race to the rhythm. Our inspiring trainers are there for you, tailoring each class to create a candle-lit one-of-a-kind experience.

However, United Ride is more than just a workout — we’re an experience, a journey, a community that rides together to make our dreams become a reality. Our studio is a sanctuary for everyone fitness, health and community-minded.



United Ride is a rapidly growing fitness experience, born from two minds with a shared goal: to adapt and improve the fitness industry by creating a truly unique experience. Ali Rosenberg and Eli Censor combined forces to bless us with a one-of-a-kind cycle class that not only makes you sweat, but, inspires, engages and motivates.

Ali brings first hand experience from overseas. She lived in New York City and engaged in the phenomenal fitness culture that houses some of the worlds most popular and inventive workouts.

Eli, the studio co-owner brings her own personal story to the brand, with her career in fitness stemming from her own weight loss battle, who as a teen, lost 30kgs. Her career has since been a whirlwind of successes as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. 

The duo saw the perfect opening in the industry to create a boutique indoor cycling studio.

More than a year later and the community and studio is thriving with like-minded fitness and health enthusiasts, sharing a passion for the funky and fresh workout that is United Ride.

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