Fuel Your Fire - How to Stay Motivated in Winter

1. Find a friend - We all have that one friend that tells us to get off our butt! Well it’s time to use that bossiness for good. Ask them to join you for your workouts. Choose someone that will keep you accountable and motivated. It works, trust us. Rolling out of bed can be tough, but it’s a whole lot easier when you’ve got a friend berating you via text.

2. Get the gear - Looking the part can be a big contributor to stepping out the door. If you’ve got the winter blues, buy gear that’s vibrant and lifts your spirits. Looking the part can help you act the part. And besides, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something new!

3. Small goals add up to big rewards - Don’t overwhelm yourself with grand goals that feel far away. Set small goals along the way. Every step is important. Celebrate the small goals just as you would the big. It makes the journey much more fun.

4. Early bird gets the worm - Start your day off right. Achieve your goal early and you’ll be in a good mood all day. It’ll energise you both physically and mentally.

5. Think of Summer - looking to the future is key. Buy yourself those bathers you’ll love to wear. Take a picture in them for a before and after. Having a symbol of where you want to be when the sun starts shining will kick your butt into gear!

6. Track your progress - Make it a game! Have fun with it. There’s no reason winter workouts need to be a drag. Write down you milestones, download apps that help you keep track, feel proud of yourself when you unlock achievements.

7. Celebrate your successes - the key to maintaining momentum over winter is celebrating the steps you take. Talk to others about your goals, and celebrate with friends when you achieve what you set out to. Find a community that can share your journey. But most importantly, feel proud of yourself!

Verity Harris