Who is Ali Rosenberg?

United Ride is a community of like-minded individuals, passionate about health, fitness and achieving their goals in a motivating setting. 
The creator of this united empire is Ali Rosenberg, no doubt if you’re a regular you already know her. 

But where did she get her inspiration for United Ride? 

This young entrepreneur fell in love with boutique exercise experiences while she was living in New York, home to some of the most unique fitness trends. Ali didn’t realise how accustomed she had grown to that aspect of her life until it was time to move back down under. 

Ali didn’t simply return to Australia and make UR happen. She faced challenges that many new businesses do, like finding the perfect location. Ali chose Richmond due to its demographic and proximity to the city. 

One of the hardest aspects of opening United Ride was finding the right people to empower clients and bring her vision to fruition. 

 “I feel like we have achieved this with a bunch of legends who are consistently energising the room and making each client feel amazing.”

Ali is celebrating her vision with UR’S upcoming first birthday, she aims to continue UR’S vision by continuing to inspire and by expanding the UR community. And empowering everyone to feel they have the power to achieve their goals on and off the bike.

“I feel motivated when I am around people… I feel lucky enough to meet new clients everyday who inspire me. Who show me that no goal is too big or too small It’s what gets me up at 5am everyday!” Said Ali.

Ali has the entrepreneurial spirit in her blood, growing up surrounded by a longstanding family business has motivated her on a personal level.

“My mum, my grandmother and my late grandfather, who believe in me and give me the confidence and power to achieve anything, that’s what motivates me to keep growing United Ride and pursuing my dreams.”

My favourite song to ride to is...
Anything Beyonce! Or Katy Perry 'Hear me Roar'

My go-to snack is...
Keep it Cleaner Protein Ball or Peanut Butter and Celery sticks

At the moment I'm reading...
Lean In- Sheryl Sandberg

My role model is...
My Mum

On the weekend you'll find me...
At United Ride for a class followed by a cafe on Swan Street for brunch with the UR fam

The best thing about UR is...
The Community of People

Verity Harris