CLIP. RIDE. SWEAT. A way of life that changes everything.

You’ll see these three words plastered on our walls and even on our trainers. But why do we live by these words? And how do we use them to create success?

Each and every one us has the latent potential to change our own lives. When you look at someone you admire, someone who has achieved the things that you would like to, it’s not because they possess a secret power that you don’t. Those people have found a way to unlock their potential. It’s easier said than done, but here’s a path to get you on your way:

Every journey starts with a first step. It takes bravery to pursue what you want in life. We celebrate that and so should you! Allow yourself to feel a sense of pride knowing that you’ve started a journey towards becoming who you want to be. The fact that you’re reading this right now means you’ve taken that first step and you’re ready to CLIP in!

Ride symbolises the journey. It’s the vital process that turns goals into realisations. And we RIDE together! Success is not a solo mission, nor should it be.  Having a group to share your journey with is beneficial to you both mentally and physically. As a community we have the ability to uplift and be examples to one another. We don’t judge, we inspire.

This is the strength you feel as you see your actions transforming who you are. We don’t mean just physically, but mentally. From that first step, to the fierce fun of the journey, to the sense of power unlocked by your achievements, it’s all felt in the SWEAT. It’s the symbol of your effort and success.

Verity Harris