• New to UR? Show up 15 minutes early and let our front desk know that it’s your first time! You’ll get a tour and help setting up your bike. (Trust us, the wrong seat height can ruin your ride.)

•Always check in. Otherwise, we might think you’re a no-show and give away your (favourite) bike. Nightmare.

•Put your phones away. It’s distracting to other riders. Which leads us to our next point …

•Lockers. We have them. And they’re the perfect place to stash those phones!

•Bring water into the studio with you. It gets hot in here.

•For the same reason, grab a towel from the front desk too.

•We ride in sync with everyone else. Don’t worry, there are designated parts of class where you can freestyle. 

•No need to wipe your bikes down after class, that’s our job.

•If you’re new-ish, we recommend not jumping straight into the front row.

•Starting 1 August, we’ll lock our entrance when class starts to give everyone an uninterrupted ride experience. Don’t be late, pretty please.

Finally, be nice to your tribe. We’re on this sweaty journey together!