Greenvale Jets Football Team

" United Ride provided the perfect platform for a focussed, upbeat and intense workout for the boys. We are big on vibes at Greenvale, and the music based workout was a good release from the typical football session."



"Thought I’d drop you a note on some recent results I’ve experienced and to say thank you!
Not discounting results since starting off with UR back in early 2017, I was hoping to share the results I’ve experienced more recently with the help of UR and the nutritional advice I had received from Elise during the March challenge. In the last 2 months - I’ve maintained my weight, reduced the measurements around my waist but simultaneously increased the measurements around my glutes :)
Thank you United Ride for the great result, but mostly for making exercise feel like such a fun time. You’ve assembled an awesome team and recruited some great fellow riders - who all make it feel like a community and push me harder than I ever thought I would. Also really appreciate the effort you and your team put into organising fantastic themed classes, challenges and special days like the UR birthday - all in a commitment to give back to the community. 
As always, excited for my next ride and to continue journey."